How a Golf Coach Does a Swing Analysis

Swinging a golf club

How a Golf Coach Does a Swing Analysis

Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master, and one major facet of the game that’s hard to perfect is your golf swing. However, it can be difficult to correct mistakes if you don’t know how or what to look for. That’s where a golf coach comes in. A golf coach can do a full swing analysis, find where your strengths are, and identify any weaknesses that are holding you back. Today in the GGGA blog, we’ll walk about what a golf coach looks for in a swing analysis.


You need to be squared up to your target, or it won’t matter how good the rest of your mechanics are. Your golf coach will make sure your feet, shoulders, and hips are all lined up with the target correctly.


Sometimes the problem lies in the way a club is gripped. If a club is gripped too hard or the grip is too weak, it can have detrimental effects on your swing. Also, sometimes you need to choke up on the club more to gain control.


Your golf coach will check to make sure you have proper posture. They’ll look to see if your knees are bent properly, your back is straight, and that everything is in the right place.  

Backswing and Downswing

Your backswing and downswing are going to be the most important aspects of your swing, and they are what you’ll probably spend the most time adjusting. For your backswing, you’ll need to pay attention to several factors. Namely, your tempo, the path your backswing takes, where you place the top of your swing, and how long you hold it. Your golf coach will be able to break down each of these areas and tell you where you can improve.

Your downswing depends on your backswing, so it’s important to get that down first. Your coach will mainly be watching the path your downswing takes when evaluating it.

Your Follow Through

At the end of your swing, your golf coach will evaluate your follow through and how well you hold your finish. This is the final area that your coach will analyze.

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