How to hit long bunker shots

The long bunker shot is one of the most difficult shots in golf, but I’m going to give you my tips for making how to hit long bunker shots much easier.

But if you set up for success, it’s going to make pulling off this shot much simpler.

To start, you want to take your normal setup but put the ball back a little further in your stance. Your shoulders and hips won’t be as open to your target and you also will want to make sure your clubface isn’t as open like a normal bunker shot so the ball doesn’t go too high and land short.

Once you take your stance, you’ll want the club square to slightly open with your hands a little ahead of the ball and clubface. From there, you’ll want your weight a little more on your left side. Take a normal backswing but abbreviate your follow through some for control.

One of the keys here is making sure your lower body stays quite with little body motion.

This will allow the ball to travel a longer distance and track up to the hole with some spin.