champions are made

Method of Success

Gary prepares his students

To Play Their Best Golf ​

There is no one in the business that has helped more players reach their full potential than Gary Gilchrist. With 60+ professional players securing wins, including 8 majors, you can rest assured that you will be receiving advice that has produced champions.

The Gary Gilchrist

Training Philosophy

Gary pays incredible attention to the details that matter, which is the foundation of the learn, prepare and perform model that Gary utilizes in his unique player development approach. Gilchrist has developed a specialized methodology and a holistic approach to training designed to accelerate student development.

Gary's Technical

Drills & Strategy

Simple but effective drills and corrections help his students understand their limitations and why specific drills and strategies will help them improve. Gary personally oversees all aspects of each student’s development from assessments, creating the student development plan and ensuring that a student is building confidence through consistency. 

Gary's Success Method

champions are made

Creating consistency builds confidence which results in lower scores. Gary believes strongly in the science of achievement, which is the mechanics of training, combined with the art of fulfillment, which is the ability to enjoy the process and find appreciation in the journey.

Experience the Difference

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If you would like to request more information about training with Gary, please contact us. We are happy to discuss customized training options.