Gilchrist Golf

Private Training

Private Instruction is available for Adults and Junior players.

Gary is known worldwide for his expert coaching and unmatched ability to help a player understand the strengths and limitations of their game. Gary’s approach is unique for each student. He is known for his personal touch and laser-like ability to identify a player’s challenges. Gary will provide a student with a personal practice plan utilizing motion drills and corrective methods that bring immediate results. 



Covers all aspects of a player’s game in a single 3 Hour Session. Recommended for the initial session. $1500/ 3 hour session



Offered to serious golfers looking to improve driving, short game, or irons. Sessions are designed to focus on specific areas of a player’s game. $1500 / 3 hour session


Playing Lesson

This lesson will help a player become his own best caddy. Learning how to prepare to play so you can shoot lower scores. The 9-hole playing lesson includes the greens fee at either location.$1500/ 9 hours lesson.