GGGA golf course & facility update – June

Construction is in full swing for the renovation of the GGGA golf course, and we couldn’t be happier with the implementation of the golf course by MacCurrach Golf.

The 4 holes on the North side of the road are still on track to receive grass at the beginning of June, with some of the grass beginning to have been layed within the last week and with the South side scheduled for late August.

The plan is for the north side of the road to be ready for Labor Day, with the entire facility being opened for November 1st. Certainly mother nature always plays a role, but the rain has kept the dust at bay and allowed for more manageable soils during construction.

The debris piles are disappearing quickly, opening up the view for everyone to see the soon-to-be golf holes. Additional tree plantings will take place as the grass grows in, and the same bunker sand as on the practice facility will be utilized on the golf course. This offers a consistent and fair playing surface for all members and guests.

The 11 holes here will offer just the variety we are aiming for. GGGA students and guests will be able to play loops of Nos. 3, 4 and 7 or almost any combination. Players seeking an 18-hole experience will have that with the variety of tee boxes, pin positions and greens that are being constructed.

Each day, it’s evident that the golf course will offer a nearly endless supply of fun shots for all abilities.

The practice facility was closed for a week at the beginning of June for maintenance with other modifications ahead for the practice facility. The main putting green will be expanded and the target greens will be modified to provide a clearer target from the tees.

Our first major aerification is complete on the practice facility. Aerification is a vital step in maintaining the health of our turfgrass. During this period, we aerified all grass surfaces, edged bunkers, cleaned out plant beds, sprayed control measures for mole crickets and stained furniture.

Course construction is about to move at a rapid pace as we begin to plant grass. There is going to be a lot of exciting activity over the next few weeks so feel free to check back for updates!