Fitness assessments initiate formula for success

An explorer who is planning to sail unknown seas doesn’t simply jump onto his ship and start sailing, and if he does it usually doesn’t turn out very well. They usually layout a map on a table, which is normally surrounded by a close group of advisors and navigators, as they discuss the route they plan on taking and the final destination they would like to reach.

Similarly, students at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy have taken their first steps onto their “training” ships, and though they may be excited and ready to sail, a meeting must first take place, which will bring clarity to the route they wish to take, and the final destination they would like to reach. This is a part of our formula for success here at GGGA.


With the help of National Training Center trainers, golfing staff, and GGGA’s director of fitness, students will go through two panoptic fitness screens (Functional Movement Screen and Titleist Performance Institute golf screen), which will create a ranking and grading system that will document movement patterns that are key to normal golf and fitness functions.

By screening these patterns, students will become aware of functional limitations and asymmetries, and how to transcend them. Additionally, these screens will generate target problems and track progress.

Utilizing corrective strategies our staff will be able to work with students faster and more effectively. This will foster a safe environment for consistent improvement that will enhance students swing, fitness, and confidence all year long.

With the help from Gary Gilchrist, golf coaches, GGGA’s Mental Training Director, National Training Center trainers and facilities, and GGGA’s director of Fitness, students now can truly know when and by how much they have improved their game, and ultimately if they have become the champions they wish to be.


The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, located near Orlando, FL in Howey in the Hills, is the world’s premier junior golf academy. In addition to the junior golf program, GGGA also features summer golf camps, winter golf camps and programs, training and golf lessons for amateurs, professionals and adults.

The Academy is committed to excellence in every facet of golf, fitness, personal development and academics, evident through exclusive relationships with Montverde Academy, an acclaimed private college preparatory school, and the American Junior Golf Association.

Gary Gilchrist, founder of the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, has been recognized as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher 2013-2014 and as a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. Gilchrist teaches many of the games top juniors and pros at the Academy, including Morgan Hoffmann, Shanshan Feng, Fabrizio Zanotti and many more.