GGGA adds Fall & Spring Golf Camps

Junior golfers around the world and across the US can now Train Like A Champion no matter the time of year and take advantage of their holiday breaks.

The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy has added several weeks during the year to it’s camp schedule, giving juniors multiple options for training on holiday breaks and during the fall and spring.


Following the same philosophy as the Full-Time Junior Program for junior golfers, Golf Camps at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy encompass all areas of the game and are the perfect opportunity for junior golfers to experience what the GGGA comprehensive training program is all about.

No matter the program, the holistic approach to athletic development Gary GIlchrist and the GGGA Team emphasizes is what elevates each student to the best of their ability. GGGA doesn’t teach a swing method, but rather coaches individuals by focusing on the 5 key areas of development: technical, mental, strategic, physical, and character building, producing well rounded and balanced individuals.

Each student in any Golf Camp program will gain an understanding of where their strengths lie and how to continue improving through GGGA’s online student development program, powered by Winning Identity.

Each student will gain invaluable knowledge they can take home with them with their own personalized drills and improvement plan so that they can continue their progress when not at GGGA. Within a small group setting, students train, working through their development plans with the GGGA team on a daily basis.

About GGGA

The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, located near Orlando, FL in Howey in the Hills at Mission Inn Resort & Club, and is the world’s premier junior golf academy. In addition to the junior golf program, GGGA also features summer golf camps, winter golf camps and programs, training and golf lessons for amateurs, professionals and adults.

The Academy is committed to excellence in every facet of golf, fitness, personal development and academics, being partnered with Montverde Academy, an acclaimed private college preparatory school.

Gary Gilchrist, founder of the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, has been recognized as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher 2013-2014 and as a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. Gilchrist teaches many of the games top juniors and pros at the Academy, including Morgan Hoffmann, Shanshan Feng, Fabrizio Zanotti and many more.