GGGA adds Myotonix component to training program

At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we strive to train like a champion everyday which is why we have decided to partner with exercise physiologist and massage therapist – David Petersen. David’s credentials and experience of many years in working on athletes including PGA tour players to help them reach their full potential makes him suited to serve as a Golf Wellness and Performance Specialist in an independent contractor capacity.

David uses a unique form of acupressure-based bodywork called Myotonix and corrective exercise to restore postural alignment. Myotonix activates and increases the tension of weak muscles in what is called a “Body Tune-up”. A body tune-up is appropriately named since it is based on the concept of “structure governing function” so that any improvement to structure (posture) transfers improvement in whole-body function.

Evidence of the effectiveness of the tune-up on function is the immediate improvements in muscle strength and flexibility. Myotonix achieves these benefits without manipulation or even stretching. According to Gary Gilchrist “From my own personal experience of a tune-up, I am feeling stronger, my knee and backache have improved and I no longer feel pain. I also have a renewed sense of energy, function and flexibility.”

David Peterson GGGA

“Over many years of training juniors I have noticed students struggling with posture and balance making it difficult to set up naturally at address to the golf ball, which affects body motion during the swing. Each year we do personal assessments of our students that confirm functional limitations and compensations from muscle imbalance that hamper consistency and accuracy in the swing. This therapy to me is essential for investing in future professional golfers by building a foundation of body balance and core strength.”

David Petersen is the owner and founder of the Body Tuneup Shop based in Orlando, Florida. More information about David and his company can be found at