Guangdong Golf Team Trains with GGGA

GGGA trains the Guangdong Province Golf Team for the Chinese National Games
The Gary Gilchrist training system is the exclusive training program for the Guangdong Province Golf Team that will compete in the Chinese National Games later this year. Twelve men and women golfers have been preparing with direction from Gary Gilchrist himself, training at GGGA in 2016 and 2017.  The team loves training at the GGGA facilities at Mission Inn Resort & Club in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida and enjoyed playing the 36-holes of championship golf on El Campeón and Las Colinas.

Gary will join the team in China for the National Games and looks forward to helping the team perform at their full potential. LPGA tour player Shanshan Feng, whom Gary coaches, is a member of the Guangdong Team.

Check out our video feature on Guangdong training at the GGGA range:

The Guangdong Province is a coastal province of southeast China, bordering on Hong Kong and Macau. Its capital, Guangzhou, sits within its industrial Pearl River Delta region.