Meet The Signee: Preston Haugh

Meet Preston Haugh from Alexandria, Virginia! He has been golfing for 20 months and has been training with Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in the Post-Grad program from 9 months. When Preston isn’t golfing he enjoys music, watching soccer and golf! Preston just signed with Bates College!

Who is your favorite golfer? Ricky Fowler

Why are you signing with Bates College? I’m signing with Bates because their golf program is the right fit for me. It’s very good academically and I feel like it will give me the best opportunity and preparation to succeed in golf and after college.

What would you like to major in? I’m undecided… but leaning towards Economics or Computer Science.

What are you looking forward to most going to college? Meeting new people and getting prepared for the real world

Who has had the biggest impact in getting you where you are today? Definitely my parents!

What is your favorite thing about GGGA? My roommates.

What impact has GGGA had in getting you where you are today? The culture of success here. It’s a great environment to succeed and excel. The coaching staff has been phenomenal.

What advice do you have to future signees? It will all work out. Don’t just make a decision based on stats and rankings. Wait until you visit the schools and make sure you get a good sense of what the school is like on that visit.

Preston was a part of the GGGA Post-Graduate Program. Gary Gilchrist has developed a world-class program specifically tailored to high school postgraduates who aspire to play college golf as well as for college graduates who aspire to play on the professional tours. The program utilizes the gap year to prepare students technically, physically and mentally to reach their full potential and excel in college or pro golf. Students in the Post-Graduate Program may enroll for a year, semester or monthly. Learn more about your road to college and the GGGA Post-Graduate Program online at: