The Best Golf Tournament Warm Up

The goal of the golf tournament warm up is not to practice and work technique but to warm up the body and mind to prepare both for tournament play. It may surprise you to learn that it is not the physical ability of the athlete that determines the best approach to warming up. The best golf tournament warms up is mostly dependent on the player’s mental profile.

Mental Profiles

There are four basic mental profiles a player can fall within the DISC Behavioral Style Model:

D – Dominance: Competitive, Strong-Willed, Sense of Urgency, Bold, Results-Oriented, Determined
I – Influence: Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Sociable, Visual & Feel-Oriented, Spontaneous & Creative, Active Mind
S – Steadiness:  Steady, Relaxed, Persistent, Patient, Moderate Pace, Values Consistency
C – Compliant: Exacting, Cautious, Analytical, Methodical, Process-Oriented, Fact- Finder

At GGGA, each Full Time and Post Graduate golf student completes a personal mental golf workshop profile.  They then evaluate their DISC profile to set them up for success during their training and tournament preparation.  Using this DISC evaluation, our students adjust their warm-up approach specific to their profile.


Warm-Up Approach for Your Mental Profile

A player with high D (Dominant) and high I (Influential) tendencies will typically require less time than a player with high S (Steady) and High C (Compliant) tendencies to warm up, generally speaking.

A high D (Dominant) player needs to have a set plan in place they can execute. If they do not have a plan they will tend to just hit shots and become very critical of the result.

A high I (Influential) player needs to have a specific plan to execute as the tendency is to be social with those around them. Focusing on a plan is very important to have a for a high I player.

A high S (Steady) player wants to be prepared with a plan because they are comfortable when their day is predictable, they like things to run smoothly and step by step to plan.

A high C (Compliant) player needs to plan their warm up because their perfectionist expectations will slow them down and they will find it difficult to feel prepared without a checklist.  

Tournament Training Programs


GGGA  offers 1- and 2-week tournament training programs throughout the year.  Students at any handicap are given the opportunity to experience our Learn, Prepare, Perform training model. This two-week program spends the first week “Learning”, developing your technical game, improving your fundamentals, creating routine and building your feel. The second week shifts focus to “Preparing”, executing the routine, shot shaping, and building confidence to compete. The practice round and two-day tournament provides the opportunity to “Perform” with the guidance of the GGGA coaching team helping along the way.


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Tournament Training includes:

  • Gilchrist’s Learn, Prepare, Perform training model at GGGA’s world-class facility near Orlando, Florida
  • Full Swing including all 6 steps
  • Short game including Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Lob Shots and Bunker Play
  • Daily On-Course Lessons including Club Selection, Finding Yardages, Reading Greens, Recovering from a Poor Shot
  • Golf-specific fitness training including stretching, posture awareness, flexibility and recovery
  • “Think Like a Champion” Mental Training Program focused on preparing for performance at a tournament
  • GGGA Golf Bag, drawstring backpack, T-shirt, hat, golf towel, water bottle, and certificate of completion

Find out more by contacting a GGGA program advisor!