Before and After: Golf Swing Analysis

Analyzing a player’s golf swing is far more complex than just drawing lines to highlight a player’s faults. In-depth swing analysis is extremely detailed, highlighting the key areas for improvement. The analysis is immediately followed by an action plan for improvement that matches the player’s short and long-term goals.

During golf swing analysis, the coach focuses on the improvements by demonstrating to students what to expect in their swing. The highlighted red and green lines help the student visually understand the adjustments being made.

This student is multiple junior tournament winner, Thin Wai Khaing of Taiwan who is currently in our Full-Time Program. Notice the before (original/start of semester swing) and the after (changes being implemented into her game for improved results and consistency) analysis of Thin’s full swing:



Our goal as we move through the backswing to the top is to turn the torso down and across, loading the pressure into the right side as we maintain the stability in the lower body, paying close attention to maintaining the flex in the right knee.



With the improvements in the body motion and stability (notice improved right side stability) we are now able to set the right arm in front of the torso, match the left arm to the shoulder plane and maintain the balance of the club (on plane).


All improvements are gauged around the player’s long-term development, impact, ball striking consistency and building confidence in their own swing. We will never refer to the player’s old swing or new swing, we are simply making adjustments to help a player in building consistency and confidence. As always, this is based around having the ability to execute the right shots on the golf course under tournament conditions.


GGGA certified golf coach Susanna Contraras 

Coach Susana Contreras – Mexico City, Mexico

Susana joined the GGGA coaching team in the fall of 2012, bringing a wealth of knowledge, both personally and professionally, in the junior academy industry after being a graduate student of the IMG Academies program, which was founded by Gary Gilchrist. Upon graduating IMG, Susana joined the Golf Academy of America program to follow her passion for golf coaching and graduated in 2010. She then returned to her home country of Mexico and began coaching out of the Los Encinos Country Club where she was responsible for the Junior Development Program. Prior to joining GGGA, Susana returned to the USA to coach at the famed Pebble Beach Golf Resort in California.