Cardio Endurance in Golf

Cardiovascular training can provide great improvements in golfers overall performance in many different ways.

With long distance cardiovascular training including running two to five miles, cycling, or swimming, an athlete is able to increase their aerobic capacity and VO2 max. VO2 max allows the athlete have a higher tolerance of oxygen intake while performing an activity. When walking a golf course, a person with a higher aerobic capacity will have a much easier time getting through the course with a clear and level head, little or no fatigue, and able to consistently perform at the best level they can achieve.

However, long distance is not the only benefit of cardiovascular training. Short explosive types of cardiovascular training like sprints, vertical jumps, and even high interval training programs can also greatly benefit a golfer. Why? With this type of training, the golfer is focusing on creating power and speed. Done consistently, the body will adapt the golfer to increase power, speed, and stability in the golf swing.

This is critical for all golfers, especially juniors because it allows them to build strength and muscle in their bodies while they are still developing. Short cardiovascular training is safe, effective, and challenging to help the athletes improve their own personal best each time.


Here at GGGA, we incorporate various types of cardiovascular training programs. With our “fitness on the range” program, we include range runs which are about 2 miles each session.


We also develop speed and power with our fast twitch sprint program which gives the athlete the ability to leverage the ground with muscles commonly used to create speed and stability in the golf swing.  


We not only training our students as golfers, but we train them as athletes in order to prepare them to achieve their goals in the game of golf.

This RUN FASTER – RUN LONGER workout will increase your cardio endurance


  • Sprint 20s
  • Rest 30s
  • 7-10 Rounds


  • Run/Jog for 45min or 3-5 Miles
  • Strength training


  • Active Rest with one of the following:
    • Yoga
    • Walking
    • Swimming


  • 3min Run
  • 20s Sprint
  • 4min Run
  • 25s Sprint
  • 5min Run
  • 15s Sprint
  • 2 Rounds


  • Run/Jog for 30min
  • Strength training