How Fitness Evaluations Improve a Player’s Game

Fitness is one of the 5 core principles of the Gary Gilchrist training system and is integrated into every program here at the academy.

We can’t say enough about the importance of mental fortitude in the game of golf and we believe that proper physical preparation contributes to a player’s overall outlook, confidence, and enjoyment of the game.  Our students partake in a group fitness program carefully constructed to condition their bodies both aerobically and anaerobically.  The program includes on-range fitness techniques specific to the technical plan for the day, but students also have the option to train one-on-one with our fitness team, providing them with individual assessments and monitored gym workouts.

Using tests such as the vertical jump and trunk stability test, the GGGA fitness team is able to assess a player’s posture, endurance, power/speed, balance and strength and how it affects different aspects of their game.  These assessments bring so much value to a player’s training and improvement that the students are encouraged to participate in the one-on-one training offered to them.

The fitness team shares the player’s assessment results with their technical and on-course coaches to ensure growth and improvement in that individual’s golf game. This information helps the student get the most out of their team training sessions as well as their individualized training.