Shanshan Feng Tunes up with Gary Gilchrist

Long time student of Gary Gilchrist, Shanshan Feng, attended GGGA for two full weeks in January 2018 to work with Gary to enhance her already great game.  She practiced and trained at GGGA alongside junior golfers, which makes GGGA students feel very inspired and encouraged.  One very excited student expressed that, “it’s so cool to see the world No.1 training just besides me and other students, just by looking at her practice, I learned a lot.”

Shanshan has been working with Gary for 11 years now and is always confident in Gary’s instruction and his teaching philosophy.  She is so confident of Gary’s System, she employed his training system when she founded her own golf academy in China.  She commented that the many successful golf pros including herself are the strongest demonstration and proof of Gary’s training system.  She is encouraging Chinese junior golfers to be trained by Gary and develop their game on a system which has already been proven many times.