A Champion Approach to Golf Fitness

When it comes to game improvement, fitness is not given enough attention.  Focusing on a quality, golf-specific workout plan can improve your game in a number of ways on the course.  When a player is looking to swing better, faster, longer and injury-free, for example, it is a well-planned and purposeful training program that will help them achieve their goals. 

If you want to improve your approach and appreciation towards fitness training consider this list of champion traits we’ve seen not only in our student-athletes but in the pros, themselves!

  • Ask questions to better understand proper exercise execution
  • Understand the relationship of flexibility to range of motion
  • Demonstrate consistency of functional ability
  • Possess the ability to identify errors and correct mistakes with form
  • Understand how food choices affect your overall level of focus while practicing or training
  • Demonstrate self-motivation during challenging exercises without physically compensating
  • Possess the ability to do the exercise “right” rather than “just get it done”

Most importantly, remember that on a very basic level, improved physical fitness increases your confidence, cognitive abilities and relaxation.  All of these are important aspects of a mentally fit golfer and generally fulfilled person.