FULL-TIME Junior Program


“There is nothing more important than developing an academic foundation-it will serve you for the rest of your life.”

-Gary Gilchrist

History of

Montverde Academy

Founded in 1912, Montverde Academy is a private school for boarding students in grades 7-12 that has been a partner of GGGA for over a decade.

Located in Central Florida, the campus features students from over 90 different nations. MVA’s mission is to inspire students to become leaders with a passion for knowledge, global vision, and innovation while developing character in a nurturing, diverse community.


Beyond the course

Academic Partners

MVA is a private institution, which has a storied history of preparing student-athletes for the rigors of college. As our academic partner to our full-time students, Montverde plays an important role in preparing our student-athletes for the demands of a top-notch curriculum to succeed at top universities.  MVA does offer a variety of different academic plans based on each student’s needs and also specializes in providing ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction for international students. Montverde offers over 32 Advanced Placement courses, 13 Honors courses, as well as 9 Honor Societies.

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College Assistance

The Next Step

Boasting a 100% college acceptance rate with 85% rate being the college of the first choice, GGGA is proud to have been a partner of MVA for over 10 years. Paired with the high standards of the GGGA program, our students are well prepared to continue their pursuit of higher learning and playing top-level golf at universities in the US.

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we prepare our students

To Play Their Best Golf

If you have a passion for excellence and you strive to be the best athlete that you can be, then GGGA is the place for you. Post Graduate students train in cycles with the goal reaching peak performance during competition, working regularly with Gary Gilchrist and the GGGA Team.


Become Tomorrow's Leaders