FULL-TIME Junior Program

College Assistance & Planning

“A great attitude and outlook will always bring you success. With the right mindset, nothing is impossible to achieve .”

-Gary Gilchrist

Athletics &


Junior golfers entering our program establish their goals and for most, play college golf is the ultimate achievement. College coaches recruiting students today are looking for coachable, self-reliant, and focused players. GGGA students can take comfort in the fact that they can focus on their game, confident that the college recruiting process is being guided by our team.

The College Assistance Program (CAP) helps GGGA students, Full-Time or Post Grad, who have opted for additional assistance to navigate the college golf recruiting process to help them find the best fit both athletically and academically.


The Selection


The selection, application and acceptance process to play college golf and is a challenging process. There are milestones that should occur for each student as they navigate down this road and having the assistance from the CAP program will help each student and family understand the process.  


Golf & Academic


CAP provides ongoing monitoring, tracking, counseling and education on the “Road to College” and one of the most important components of this program is the development of the personal list of best-fit colleges and universities that are based upon both golf and academic aspirations for each student.

Over the last ten years, our students have earned golf scholarships and represented college and university golf programs at every level across the United States.


we prepare our students

To Play Their Best Golf

At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we take pride in our alumni and their accomplishments because their connection to our academy program and their time here is the start of a journey, both personally and professionally that will change their life forever. It all starts