Post Graduate/Gap Year

Fitness Performance

Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy offers individualized golf fitness training plans to help students obtain their goals in golf faster and more completely.

Post Graduate

Fitness Training

Fitness is essential for building a champion golfer. The fitness training aspect of the Post Graduate Program propels students to be better athletes which prepares them for golf. Our coaches are focused on preventing injuries and preparing the body for performing the golf swing.


Improve Athletic


At GGGA, our trainers are TPI certified with degrees in Kinesiology or Exercise Science. They are passionate about their students and pushing them to elite levels. To best support our technical training, fitness coaches test students three times a year on conditioning, functionality and fundamentals. Results from these individual assessments help the Fitness Team maximize group training.

Our junior golfers train like champions by addressing areas for improvement and enhancing their strengths. Each exercise is done with the purpose of elevating their fitness level.


Improving in

Every Area

A functional golfer has tremendous athletic ability, coordination and muscular endurance. Through the fitness training program at GGGA, each student will learn to improve their:

Technical Benefits

From Fitness

GGGA’s fitness training allows students to handle everything that their golf coaches ask of them. Part of what makes GGGA’s fitness training unique is our fitness coaches work on the range with our students and golf coaches to reinforce movement patterns and enhance body function. This kind of additional support on the range contributes to the player’s overall development because they receive unified support from the GGGA team.