Mental Performance

“In golf as in life, the bigger the battle the sweeter the victory.”

-Gary Gilchrist

Build Talent &

Achieve Results

Building talent is about teaching the fundamental principles of the game. Performance follows. Gary has an unequaled success helping students achieve better results, feel more in control of their game, perform more consistently, overcome their fears, and have a lot more fun.

It's All In

The Details

At GGGA, the training is intense. We pay incredible attention to the details that matter, which is the foundation of the learn, prepare and perform model at Gilchrist Golf and part of our unique player development approach. The focus is on training and preparing for the ultimate objective: achieving peak performance during competition. Gary personally oversees all aspects of every student’s development from assessments, creating the student development plan and ensuring that a student is building confidence through consistency.  

The Champion


Golfers with a champion’s mindset have confidence, resilience, focus, and patience. They can envision success and imagine creative solutions when faced with tricky situations. A champion’s mind not only creates goals but spends time mapping realistic plans to achieve them. They work with a purpose and find ways to learn and enjoy every minute of the process. It takes concerted effort to achieve a champion’s mindset, on and off the course.

The Mental Aspect

Of Training

The mental aspect of training is often the most difficult to see because it’s not just about hitting the ball or building physical strength. Thinking like a champion is about staying positive through adversity, being creative with solutions and having the passion it takes to self motivate.