Technical Training

“Athletes live to reach their full potential through hard work and dedication is driven by their will to win. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for the secret. The secret lies within you.”

-Gary Gilchrist


Training Method

Gilchrist’s Training method is designed around creating a personalized development plan for each individual student-athlete. His students train using proven methods created by Gary in his 25 years of coaching juniors. The success of his students is unmatched by any other junior coaching, achieving over 850 wins at every level of the game.


Gary's Technical

Drills & Strategy

Simple but effective drills and corrections help his students understand their limitations and why specific drills and strategies will help them improve. Gary personally oversees all aspects of each student’s development from assessments, creating the student development plan and ensuring that a student is building confidence through consistency. 




Gary utilizes Trackman, biofeedback from KVest, and ProV1 swing analysis technologies to identify any technical areas for improvement in the swing and short game. Gary reviews the results of the assessments and creates an individual development plan that includes before and after images of key full-swing goals, drills to improve on swing flaws and fitness exercises to support the technical goals. This plan is the foundation for each and every player’s development.


Our Technical

Coaching Team

The synergy of the coaching team is an impressive component at GGGA. Our team functions as a whole with constant internal dialogue between coaches. Supporting the individual needs of each player-whether it is technical, mental, fitness or on-course strategies. Our coaches work together providing a weekly 20-hour structured training program, the same that is required at a collegiate level.  Their personal plan will be challenging and will require each student to focus and disciplined so that they are given the best advice and preparation to achieve their goals.