Alumni Corner: Nicholas Maruri

Alumni Corner: Nicholas Maruri, freshman, UNLV
Major: Hotel management

Nicholas is in his second semester at UNLV and made one start in the fall for the Rebels. He graduated from Montverde Academy last spring and has spent the last week at GGGA working with Gary Gilchrist as he preps for UNLV’s spring campaign.  Nicholas took some time after practicing Friday to talk about his game and his experience at UNLV so far.

How is college different from anything you’ve ever been used to?
There’s a huge difference. When you attend an academy, you’re basically playing as an individual but with playing at UNLV, you work to get onto the travel team. Once you make that you’re representing the school and your teammates and you play as a team. There’s also a big difference in balancing golf and school. I’m taking five classes, so it’s definitely not easy.

Why did you pick Hotel management as your major?
Originally, I wanted to do international business but after being at UNLV for a few months, I realized they have one of the best hotel management programs. It’s more interesting than international business, and I’m looking forward to getting into that.

How is your game right now, and what’s it like being on a college team?
I’m making some good improvements. My scores probably don’t really show that, but I’ve definitely gained some great experience so far at UNLV with playing with the guys. They’re all great players, and it’s fun. It’s fun to practice with them, and yet one day you’re practicing with them, and then the other, you’re trying to beat them to get onto the team.

What have you been working on while you’ve been at GGGA?
I’ve been working on my swing. I’ve been struggling at impact and it’s not there yet, but I’m sure by the end of the week I’ll be there.

Did going to a golf academy help you going into playing college golf?
Absolutely. The major thing was I was already used to living by myself, being separated from my parents and living with the other guys, bonding and building relationships. That definitely helped me going into college.