Gary Gilchrist – Feet narrow drill to stop body sway

The feet narrow drill is a great drill to start off with to get your body working together after a long layoff. It’s great for golfers to learn how to stop body sway and build stability in the lower body.

The reason we put the feet narrow is I see too many golfers sway in their swing and the head moves too far to the left and too far to the right.

Having your feet narrow, you want to feel like your weight and your balance is between your feet, so when I take the club back, it’s going to shorten my backswing, which is also really going to help you get the club on plane. Then on the follow through your going to feel like you’re slightly behind the ball, you’ll feel impact and then short going through.

Swinging between your feet is important, feeling like your lower body stays stable and your arms and upper body wind back and through. When you finish, you want to make you get on to your left side.

This drill will stop body sway, improve your balance and timing and make a big difference in your ball striking.

Gary Gilchrist is a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher and Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and founder of the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.