Karen Stupples: Back to business


Oops wrong Naples, but good morning from Naples, Florida.

What a week!

YES! Last week I discovered real flu exists!! Not the wimpy man flu, but knock you off your feet, can’t get out of bed real flu! I kid you not it was about the worst 5 days of life. It all kicked off Saturday morning. We had been car hunting, which I hate, when I got home and felt groggy.

When I say I hate car hunting I really don’t, I LOVE cars. I LOVE BMW M3’s, but what I hate is car hunting on a budget. But I digress.

When we got home, I just assumed I had post jet lag, but no, ’twas the flu. Thing is, if being honest, I am an awful patient and get ubber grumpy as those close to me last week, well those still speaking to me, can testify.

I am always on the go, been the same way since I was a kid. I always have to be doing something, anything. If I have nothing to do, I will create something to do. So confined to quarters, stuck in bed is basically my worst nightmare!

The sheer frustration of having zero energy was awful. So come Wednesday, I felt about 50% so I ventured out into the fresh air. Oh the sheer joy of being outside was just pure bliss. Thursday I was about 60% — wild horses could not keep me from the range, or the hairdressers!

Now staying at Lake Nona has many privileges and on Thursday I got a major bonus.

While working on my putting I got a mini lesson from fellow Callaway player MarkMcNulty. With 16 wins on the European Tour and runner up to Sir Nick at St.Andrews in the 1990 Open, he knows his stuff.

Golf must be the only sport in the world where fellow pros go out of their way to help fellow pros. I love this game.

So later on that day I popped to the hairdressers to help restore my natural blonde hair. Why it continues to go dark baffles me as I am a natural blonde. Remember flu, so phasers are on full setting if anyone wants to contradict me!

Friday I was about 70% so more or less a full day of practice and golf followed by a brilliant social evening, so closer to 80% really. I also got my Callaway X-Hot 3 and 5 woods that morning, so I had to give them a full work out, loved them by the way.

Saturday was a full work day on a cold, by Florida standards, and a windy day.

I have been LOVING my new Callaway bats since I got them but this was the first chance I had to use them in windy conditions. I have to say, the X-Hot driver is simply sensational in the wind. I came off the course one very, and I mean VERY, happy bunny.

As you may have spotted, I am in beautiful Naples, that’s Florida not Italy, to play in the Lucas Cup Pro Am today. Its being held at The Club at Mediterra in Naples, if you are in the area, PLEASE come along and support it. It is to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in great hope for a cure. The cup is named after 7 year old Lucas Lye, son of former PGA pro Mark Lye, Lucas has type 1 diabetes.

For more information please contact Lisa Lye at [email protected]

Remember every little bit helps.