Adjustable Drivers: Should you believe the hype?

As of this year, at least 90 percent of all golf club manufacturers offer some type of adjustable driver.  For the few who do not, I would bet they have one in the works.  This latest trend in technology is here to stay and can benefit all of us.

Not one player I know (from 20 handicaps to tour players) has identical swings.  As people, we are all built differently, have different athletic abilities, and all have our own tendencies. Every person on this planet, who plays golf, swings the club differently.

With the ability to quickly adjust loft angle, lie angle, and face angle, we now have the ability to finely tune a club to a player’s specific needs.  Add in an assortment of quality shaft options to try, and now anyone visiting a certified club-fitter can be fit like a touring professional.

As the club maker and club fitter at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, I have personally seen gains of over 20+ yards when a student swings the appropriate shaft with the appropriate head settings.  This can allow a player to hit a 7 iron into a green where he or she may usually hit a 5 iron and can increase the percentage the player hits the green on their approach, leading to lower scores.

Even the guys and girls on tour, who can repeat the same swing much better than the rest of us, are taking advantage of this adjustable technology.  Want to hit a small fade to better fit the venue that week?  No need to make drastic swing or grip changes, simply adjust your drivers face angle setting, move some weighting around and swing away.

The hype is real — maybe not quite as drastic as club manufacturers would like you to believe — but this adjustable technology does have its benefits for all levels of ability. To test this newer technology, I advise you to go see your local (outdoor) certified Club-Fitter and get fit the proper way or come see us here at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.