Listen your way to an improved mental game

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A large extent of a golfer’s thoughts and reactions are unconscious.

Golfers revert back to their habits and tendencies during the course of play, especially in pressure situations. In other words, a large amount of performance in golf is your unconscious wiring.

This can be seen by the way golfers hone technique. Golfers work countless hours on the range to create a repeatable and automatic swing that takes little thought or effort to execute.

MP3 audio golf mental training - Gary Gilchrist Golf AcademyThe same is true for the mental game. To build success, a player needs to train the unconscious mind just as they would with their swing, so that it is prepared when needed.

One way we train our students at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in this area is through personalized audio recordings with MP3s for golfers.

Golfers can literally listen their way to better golf by training the unconscious mind in their free time or as part of their daily practice routine.

Whether for a junior golfer, amateur, adult or professional, MP3s can speed up learning, enhance the effectiveness of mental strategies and give the player a very clear way to improve their golf game on their own.

MP3s can be a useful tool to:

  • make swing changes
  • learn course management strategies
  • increase motivation and confidence
  • control anger
  • manage tension
  • become more patient

At GGGA, we personalize and customize all MP3s for golfers.

Before personalizing though, we start by figuring out exactly what each golfer needs in order build a customized program. The student can even customize their MP3 with music of their liking. Typically the music they select is then paired with proven mental training strategies such as affirmations, imagery, and relaxation to make the experience more enjoyable.

These personalized strategies are then recorded into an MP3 format and given to the golfer so it can be listened to and practiced anywhere as though a mental coach is right there with them.