GGGA Fitness: Perfecting Your Golf Pivot

Summer is in full swing, and here at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we have many new students arrive each week for summer camp, who are all trying their best to improve their game.

The tough part for many of these juniors is that their body is not moving properly in their golf pivot, which is leading to a lot of problems in their swing that they were unaware of.

By developing their pivot during their time at summer camp, junior golfers can experience rapid improvement in their swing. All of these improvements however, can be done at home as well, before you attend our academy, or just to improve your game on your own!

Common Faults we see in the juniors that have been at our academy are: a reversed spine, a slide, and a sway.

GGGA Fitness - SwayGGGA Fitness - SlideGGGA Fitness - Reverse Spine Angle

All of these faults can be improved by performing a few simple drills. To help stop a reverse spine angle from occurring, an abdominal plank combined with a cross body press can be performed to enhance the student’s ability to brace their core and maintain a neutral pelvis.

This will help them maintain their posture very well as they begin to rotate into the backswing. Most juniors lack physical strength, since they are training to brace their torso, and remain strong throughout the entirety of the swing.

To improve the pivot and help eliminate a slide or sway from occurring, one can perform clamshells and a side planks. This will help enhance their lateral stability, so that their body will not move outside of their feet during the swing, which will enhance power and consistency with ball striking.

They can also do lateral bounding, and try to stick the landing on one foot, so that they learn how to stabilize either leg with a lateral force being applied to it.

Please check back soon for updates that will include videos for these drills, and other modes of doing a pivot to help improve your body motion using the Gary Gilchrist Training System within the swing!