Student Perspective: Arturo Gonzalez on Summer Camp

Tell me a little bit about your experience here with GGGA?

It was really FUN learning here! I feel like I can take what I learned here home, so that I can better my game and make new friends.

You have been here for 4 weeks, you got to see a little more than other people, what do think you will take home?

I have learned from other people and made new friends during the course of each week. I challenged myself every week to get better and better, and as new people came in, like they were better players than me, so I got to play with them and try to challenge myself to beat them and get better.

What are some of your favorite techniques that you have learned so far?

I really like how here they teach us a lot of drills and all those types of things, like small things that can sum up everything, and make you a better player. I also like how they really focus on your posture because I think that is one of the most important parts of golfing.

What was your favorite drill out of all of them?

Probably feet wide because it was one of the main drills that helped to stabilize my feet, which was one my main problems coming here.

What was your favorite late night activity?

I really liked go-karting, but I also really like going to the movies and watching some movies with some of the friends that I just met. You know just chilling out.

What kind of friends have you made, and where are they from?

I have met people from all places. People from America, also a lot of latin people, people from Europe and Asia, people from all places and all around the world. Most of them were really nice. Really good friends.

Even though you were watching FIFA, Did you experience any rivalry from anyone in an opposing team?

In the world cup YES! No prisoners.

What was your favorite part of mental?

I really liked how in the golf course not everything is about your swing. If you have a strong mind you can make everything happen, and I liked how they taught us how to visualize shots before hitting them because it makes you have more confidence and helps you execute each shot, like before you hit them.

What that a big problem for you before you got here?

Yeah, big problem!