Summer Camp: Making Friends from Different Parts of the World

They may debate futball to football or Tiger to Sergio, but the summer campers have realized the many similarities they have to one another, despite their different origins.

One thing that unites them all…sports. Whether its time spent at golf practice, watching FIFA, playing ping pong, or shooting hoops, our summer campers all share a bond for the love of sports!

We’ve sat back and watched each of them dig deep into each other’s backgrounds, asking questions ranging from “where are you from?” to “what do you do for fun in your country?”

A few campers are well traveled, so they share stories of travel with each other as well. Campers hear multiple languages from Spanish, French, Chinese, and even Slovakian. They ask how to say “great shot” or “way to go”, and cheer on other campers.

Friendships are forming from all parts of the world!

It is important for these campers to get an all around GGGA experience. We are an academy that houses multiple countries, which makes us diverse and unique. This is what GGGA is all about!

We bring people together that share a common interest and goal. This teaches acceptance and tolerance, and opens their minds and hearts to others. GGGA is more than just a golf experience, it’s a life experience.