Full time student Yash Majmudar opens up about training at GGGA

Yash Majmudar, Singapore

2016 graduate, Student in Full-Time Junior Program at GGGA

Tell me a little a bit about why you decided to come to GGGA and what do you think so far?

I have been participating in tournaments in Singapore (the competition) it is very good, but coming here is just another level. Training under the program (Full-Time Junior Program) that GGGA has, and training with Gary, all the wonderful coaches and the fitness team over here…I think that this program will really enhance my game, and it brings all the aspects of the golf game together: the technical aspects, the mental aspects, and the fitness aspect, all the aspects coming together under one roof. I think that it really helps and really connects everything. It was a really cool experience to play a tournament with the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy t-shirt on. Obviously I always play for myself, but to look around and see 15-20 people around me wearing the same thing as me…It was really cool. I felt that we are a part of something bigger.


What has your experience been like in the last 1½ months?

Coming here, the main goal was to improve my game and another was to compete in tournaments and have a few good finishes, so that it would be easier to communicate with colleges. Being from Singapore, I can still communicate with colleges, but it is obviously easier from here. But you need some good finishes. My coach Matt Fields has been putting things in place and putting things in order. We have been tweaking my putting recently, since I felt that was one aspect of my game where I wasn’t most confident. The first month, my roommate and I wanted to be playing every weekend, and they have been really accommodating. It has been a lot of fun!

How did you feel going into the FCWT tournament at Falcon’s Fire?

Going into Falcon’s fire, honestly, I didn’t really think much about it. I tried to not place too much pressure on myself. I did what my coach wanted me to do. We had some discussions on the course and on the practice rounds on what I should be doing and on what holes. We came to a sound agreement on what I should do during the tournament, and I stuck to that. It was a good result for me taking 2nd place at 3 under for two rounds. But I really tried not to place too much emphasis on this one tournament. I know I will be playing a total of 6 tournaments this semester, and I just wanted to enjoy myself.


What are you doing to accomplish your goal of playing college golf?

My parents and I are looking for a college where I can play a lot of college golf to get me ready for hopefully the tour, but at the same time, I am trying my best to excel at my academics. I don’t want it to be placed behind my athletics. The top priority is to become a professional golfer, but I am looking for a college that is going to support both my academics and my golf game.