Post-Graduate student George Labarr opens up on his GGGA experience so far

I want to try to become a professional golfer. I started searching golf schools in America, since I didn’t want to leave America. I looked for an academy where I could become a professional golfer, then Google search after Google search, we found the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. We saw that there were pros such as Shanshan Feng and Morgan Hoffmann, who just had an outstanding year on the PGA Tour. You see other people who had success here and you have the same drive and determination to do those same things, and I just decided to give it a try.


  • What are some areas of improvement you have seen since you started training here at GGGA?

One of my biggest things, and you hear a lot of golf professionals talking about it, how important mental training is or at least mental toughness. I think that the mental coaches, Dr. Dan (Director of Mental Training) and Skylar (mental trainer), do a really good job of understanding each player individually and what makes them tick or what makes them play their best. For me, we work on several important things including the “feel” and using strategy as a part of your mental game to eliminate risk in situations where it is necessary. Also adding fitness for me has been huge.

  • What do you think about housing and your GGGA activities?

I feel right at home at the apartments. There are a lot of modern aspects. We have a huge flat screen TV and huge closets to fit all my clothes. The activities are great. The house parents, as long as the requests are reasonable, will create events for everyone. I went to my first professional NBA basketball game to watch the Orlando Magic Vs. Dallas Mavericks. I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. The coolest thing is that Orlando is near all these theme parks, professional teams, and even professional golfing events during the right time of year. A lot of opportunities for entertainment!




  • What is something that you would like to share about GGGA that people wouldn’t really expect?

I am always really full! We have a chef that cooks for us at Sanctuary Ridge. She caters most of our meals. She asked everyone yesterday during dinner what everyone wanted or what they have liked from before, so after fitness we have these nutritious meals that allow us to get stronger. Also the grass here is better than from back at home (New York). These courses are perfect to develop your golf game, since there aren’t many places you can miss.