The New Era Begins… Now.

The new era begins… now.

The GGGA team is proud to present our new logo and image as part of the ongoing evolution of GGGA. The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy has seen tremendous growth and success over the past 7 years and as a result, the logo has been redesigned to represent GGGA today and our successful future.

Our goal with creating the new logo was to create a simple and recognizable mark, highlighting Gary’s touch on the company and brand but also mark the direction of the new GGGA going forward. This brings several benefits, including visibility on apparel, a more recognizable brand, and versatility over all platforms. The “G” is broken into 5 segments to signify Gary’s approach to development with the 5 areas of training being: Technical, Fitness, Strategy, Mental, and Personal. The red section represents Technical because Gary believes it is the foundation of golf and connects the rest of the game.