GGGA students give back to Mission Inn golf course

Did you know that the average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf?

At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we promote a culture that all students are encouraged to participate in to repair these functions when they occur. We have a great opportunity to start our young and future golfers out with the proper knowledge of golf etiquette.

Most people associate golf course etiquette to the concept of ball mark repair, divot replacement and raking bunkers. Take a moment and consider what a course would look like if patrons were excused from any of these activities for just one day. A well-managed facility would look like a battlefield. The staff at Mission Inn Resort does an amazing job of course maintenance. It’s easy to see why El Campeon and Las Colinas are ranked so highly in Florida. On Saturday, November 21st, the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy’s student body performed a maintenance day at the Mission Inn Resort and Golf Club. The students filled those pesky little holes in the fairway in which your ball always comes to rest with proper sand and went onto all the greens to fix ball marks.

The game of golf teaches us not only about the sport but a lot about life. This was a great opportunity for GGGA students to give back to the courses that have challenged them to train like a champion! Thank you Mission Inn for partnering with the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy for this great event! See you next year.

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