Gilchrist coaching seminar at Indiana Section PGA conference

GLysxUdWGary Gilchrist, owner and CEO of GGGA, had the pleasure of presenting a coaching seminar to members of the Indiana Section PGA during their February conference. The Indiana Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Indiana and has over 600 members and apprentices. The Section Office is located in Franklin, IN., and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for both the golf professional and amateur player.

Gary shared tips for training junior golfers, amateurs and golf professionals utilizing his 5 area training system. It was an interactive presentation demonstrating specific drills and tips that a coach could use to improve a student’s golf technique and confidence. Gary shared his love of the game and expertise by providing advice to the group of professionals about overcoming challenges that they might experience as golf coaches.

Colby Huffman, who won the Indiana PGA Coach of the Year in 2012, assisted Gary during the presentation, helping him demonstrate specific drills that coaches may use to improve each of the areas of a student’s game. Gilchrist and Huffman have a long history of working together and have even co-authored two books. The most recent book, “Train for Golf like an Olympian” is available through Amazon in Kindle and soft cover editions,