Gary Gilchrist Brings Championship Golf Training To China With Shanshan Feng Partnership

Howey-in-the-Hills, Fla.; June 20, 2017 – Coach Gary Gilchrist has been working with top professional LPGA golfer Shanshan Feng since 2007. Gilchrist has witnessed Feng rise to the top of junior rankings, play as a top LPGA professional and go on to win a bronze medal at the Olympics. Inspired by Gary’s commitment to providing the world’s best training for junior golfers, Shan-Shan Feng opened the Shanshan Feng Golf Academy in China in May 2017.

The Shanshan Feng Golf Academy is located close to Feng’s hometown of Guangzhou at the Nansha Golf Club, all reside in the Guangdong Province on the south coast of China. Feng, with hopes to bring her success and greater opportunity to junior golfers in China, decided to partner with Coach Gary Gilchrist and the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (GGGA) to bring the best training system into China. The Shanshan Feng Golf Academy has named Coach Gary Gilchrist their honorary consultant.


“It’s been my dream for years that I could open my own golf academy in China so that kids in China can have the opportunity to pursue their golf dreams,” Feng says. “With the help and support of my team, my coach Gary Gilchrist and his golf academy GGGA, also my family and friends, now it is the day that my academy officially opens. It’s the moment that my dream has finally come true, but it’s also a moment of a beginning to another dream for me – to improve golf training in China, to develop more junior golfers, and be a part of the contribution to the growth of golf in China.”

The Shanshan Feng Golf Academy will use the Gary Gilchrist system of training that is taught at his academy, the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. The learn, prepare and perform model is the foundation of the golf program and player development. The focus is on training and preparing for the ultimate objective: peak performance in competition.

“This academy has been on Shanshan’s mind for many years. I am very proud of see her (Feng) taking this step and wanting to give back to her community,” says Gilchrist. “I know it’s going to impact junior golf in the area. I think when she retires she will look back and see that she has grown something impactful for junior golfer’s not only in her country but worldwide as many of these junior golfers will strive to follow the path she took.”

In addition to providing Feng’s new academy with a vision and system of training, Coach Gary Gilchrist has been training the Guangdong Province Golf Team that Shanshan Feng is a member of. The Gary Gilchrist training system has been the exclusive training program for the Guangdong Province Golf Team for years and Gilchrist has prepared them to take on the qualifying tournament for the Chinese National Games this past May.

Gilchrist helped the Guangdong Province Men’s and Ladies Golf teams secure one of the eight positions to compete in the Chinese National Games this upcoming September.  “It’s a great honor to be part of the Guangdong Team and help those students prepare for the National Games and their careers. Getting both of the teams through was a great achievement. ” says Gilchrist.


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About Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy

In a coaching career that spans more than 20 years, Gary Gilchrist has been responsible for recruiting, training and developing more professional, amateur and junior golfers than any other coach in the world. His system of training applies to golfers of all ages and abilities.

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