Meet The Signee: Juan David Fajardo

Meet Juan David Fajardo from Bogotá, Colombia! He has been golfing for 8 years and has been training with Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in the Full-Time Program for 2 years. When Juan isn’t golfing he enjoys watching soccer and playing video games with his friends! Juan just signed with Dominican College in NY!

Who is your favorite golfer? Rory McIlroy

Why are you signing with Dominican College? I’m signing with Dominican College because it is the best option for me and my future! I knew I was going to be a perfect fit for the school and the program. I love that it is located in the ‘center of the world’ and I love the weather in New York.

What would you like to major in? Business Management

What are you looking forward to most going to college? I’m looking forward to having fun while improving my golf game. I want to be one of the best players from my country and on the Dominican College golf team.

Who has had the biggest impact in getting you where you are today? It’s hard to say it is just one person. I think it is everyone here at GGGA like the coaches, especially my trainer Coach Grant. Everyone in the office like Melissa and Heather. My friends here at GGGA like Dani, Nathan, Majo, Cindy and Nicole and my friends from Colombia like Rafael Romero, Jesus Rivas, Laura Moreno and Valentina Castellanos. And of course: my family. My father, my cousins, my nephews and my sister.

What is your favorite thing about GGGA? The golf program along with the team spirit here! We all work together to improve and support each other to become the best golfer and person that we can be.

What impact has GGGA had in getting you where you are today?For me, the biggest impact is to see how everyone here works as a team and a family.

What advice do you have to future signees? One piece of advice I can give is that if you have a dream – never give up! Keep fighting no matter what. Hard work pays off!

Juan was part of the GGGA Full-Time Junior Golf Program. Juniors attend the Full-Time Junior Program at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy because they want to be the besttrain with the best and be around other juniors to push them to new heights.  Personally overseen and directed by Gary Gilchrist, a Golf Magazine and Golf Digest Top Teacher, the Full-Time Junior Program is an immersive experience that prepares students for tournament play so they can thrive at the junior, collegiate and professional levels. Learn more about your road to college and the GGGA Full-Time Program online at