Meet The Signee: Isabella Cardenas

Meet Isabella Cárdenas Girón from Cali, Colombia! She has been golfing for 12 years and has been training with Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in the Full-Time Program for 3 years. When Isabella isn’t golfing she enjoys playing tennis! Isabella just signed with Tulane University!

Who is your favorite golfer? Rory Mcllroy, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Spieth

Why are you signing with Tulane University? The level in academics of Tulane its very high and they are also really good at golf.

What are you looking forward to most about being a ‘Green Wave’? I would like to help my team as much as I can and improve in the ranking year by year.

What does the opportunity to play college golf mean to you? Playing college golf means I have the chance to improve my golf game and really improve, and help me reach my goal to play professional golf.

Who has had the biggest impact in getting you where you are today? My dad, my mom and my brother.

What is your favorite thing about GGGA? Everything at GGGA its good and I really like the golf part! Gary is really good coach and that’s directly improved my game.

What impact has GGGA had in getting you where you are today? GGGA helped me to fix my golf swing and helped me get stronger everyday in my golf, mental and fitness game. They are very helpful!

What advice do you have for future signees? Train harder every day and don’t wait until your senior year to search!

Coach Matt Fields, Isabella Cardenas and Gary Gilchrist

Isabella was part of the GGGA Full-Time Junior Golf Program. Juniors attend the Full-Time Junior Program at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy because they want to be the best,train with the best, and be around other juniors to push them to new heights. Personally overseen and directed by Gary GilchristGolf Magazine and Golf Digest Top Teacher, the Full-Time Junior Program is an immersive experience that prepares students for tournament play so they can thrive at the junior, collegiate and professional levels. Read more…