Have a Champion Mindset

All golfers aren’t created equal. The difference is developing the Mindset of a Champion.  

Harnessing your mental and emotional skills is essential in reaching your full golfing potential. All great golfers have learned how to develop confidence, resilience, focus, and patience.

Golfers with a champion mindset envision success and imagine creative solutions when faced with tricky situations. Champions create goals and map realistic plans to achieve them. They work with a purpose as the find ways to learn and enjoy every minute of the process.

Components of a Winning Mindset include:

  • Accepting all outcomes, regardless of the cause
  • Taking ownership of your reactions and your ability to dispense negative emotions in a quick systematic manner
  • The ability to maintain calmness during times of adversity
  • Think clearly while maintaining your game plan and routines
  • The ability to persist or a refusal to quit
  • Have a “can do” attitude

Goal Mapping

Every golfer has goals and aspirations for their life and golf game. Goal mapping combines goal setting and self-awareness and takes into account personality traits, individual tendencies, past experiences and current ability. The final product of Goal Mapping is an individualized plan that can assist a golfer to achieve their goals.

Adaptive Thinking

The way you think affects how you perceive the world and how you act. Adaptive thinking teaches a golfer how to manage their thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk to create the world they desire. Golfers will learn to create an optimistic and efficient mindset on and off the golf course and gain knowledge in problem-solving and decision making.


Sports research has shown that the mind does not know the difference between what it imagines (visualizes) and what actually happens. Golfers can use their imagination to develop a champion mindset, enhance their physical performance and to help turn their dreams turn into reality through visualization, imagery, and creativity.

Energy-Tension Regulation

The mind and body are closely intertwined. To play your best golf and develop a champion mindset, it is imperative to learn how to regulate your body and maximize your mental efficiency. Energy and tension regulation teaches golfers how to find their optimum energy and tension levels on and off the golf course and learn how to manage energy levels for relaxation and activation.

Optimal Preparation

The ability to effectively prepare is essential for optimal performance and a champion mindset. Optimal preparation involves positive habits, efficient routines, proper practice and proactive planning. Building sound habits and routines to manage one’s game is an integral aspect of successful execution, building confidence, learning and improving.

Are you ready to Think like a CHAMPION?

The Mental Training Program at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy is the golf psychology component that supports and accelerates physical and technical development. GGGA offers several private and group training options to help junior golfers, adults, and professionals reach their goals in golf and overcome their biggest obstacles.