Meet the Team: GGGA Fitness Coach Matt Palazzolo

Matt Palazzolo is a movement practitioner and our new fitness coach.

He recently joined the GGGA team and brings a lot of knowledge and insight from the fitness arena.  Having over 7 years of experience as a practitioner and being awarded Best of the Best for Wellness Coach in Ocala, we are very excited to welcome him aboard.

Matt enthusiastically joined the academy team based on the environment and culture, “hands down.”  After meeting the staff, coaches and even students, Matt had a “feeling of home and comfort.” He says, “The way Gary spoke about the type of person and professional he was seeking for the position, I felt with my ideological perspective on the fitness industry, and its future as a whole aligned perfectly with his description.”

Being a movement practitioner, Matt finds himself inspired by the complexity of golf.  Thankfully, he is able to recognize how difficult the golf swing can be, biomechanically speaking.  “Everything has to go right in order for the swing to be perfect,” Matt having this clear understanding of the player’s physical journey will be a true asset to our students.

In golf, fitness is about so much more than physique and physical strength, it’s about balance and mental performance. This is why Matt emphasizes proper sleep, a healthy diet and stress management in fitness routines and contributing to overall performance.  From Matt’s perspective, it is critically important to develop as much self-awareness as possible, as this will determine how players handle themselves in life and on the course.

Matt has worked with all types of athletes including those in disadvantageous situations such as being mentally and physically handicapped and amputees. He is motivated and inspired by the drive in others to further themselves and break through their personal barriers. We can’t wait to see how he is able to help our student-athletes reach new heights.