How Junior Golfers Learn The Game

It’s no secret that people learn in a variety of different ways.  Many scientists and researchers can agree on the validity of the VARK Model which identifies the four main sensory modalities of learning as visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic.  Although each individual will have a predominant inclination, it is important to appeal to all learning styles to ensure each student has the opportunity to grasp and respond to coaching.

After working with a student, coaches are able to determine the preferred learning modality of that student and how they respond to feedback.  This greatly enhances communication and creates an environment where the student can truly grow as a player.  Coaches offer an enhanced learning experience that empowers and encourages each of the players by giving feedback in a Plus-Minus-Plus format.  Gary Gilchrist originated the Plus (the positive), Minus (improvement needed), Plus (the plan) approach and is used every day at GGGA.

When coaching the player through making adjustments we recognize how vital it is for them to not only SEE and FEEL the difference in the swing, but also to understand WHY there is a change needed and HOW they will be successful in their adjustment.  Ultimately, we want the student to see their results both on screen and with the shot shape.

Granted there is no one size fits all in learning, but we have found that the current generation of golfers tend to be more visual learners than ever before.  Due to this growing trend and excellent response to visual tools, we use video analysis to show students their improvements first-hand.  This has proven to be a great way to increase students’ commitment to change and excite them about the learning process. Here are the visual before and after examples of the video analysis GGGA uses with students:


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