The Value of Training Plans for Student Athletes

The familiar aphorism “failing to plan is planning to fail,” attributed to Benjamin Franklin, is well considered at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.   We value the importance of planning and our coaches work hard to establish an individualized development plan for each athlete.   When training at GGGA, students are continuously placed through a series of evaluations technically, physically and mentally.  It may be easy to recognize how a development plan would contribute to the maturation of technical skill and physical ability, but mental strength is an equal player in the game of golf.

Clarifying priorities, learning to maintain balance and envisioning the athlete the student wants to become are key factors to building confidence in their own, unique game.   One of the main tools used by the coaches to identify areas of improvement is video analysis.  This visual aid helps to show students, first-hand, where they need to improve or how far they’ve come.  In addition to these before and after images, development plans include drills to improve on their swing and fitness exercises to support their technical goals.  Coaches also use awareness and visualization to help students break through limiting beliefs.  These plans become the foundation for each and every player’s personal development and belief in their own abilities.

The longer a student trains with us the more opportunity we have to refine their development plan and adjust it according to their growth.  All students leave with the understanding of how to “train like a champ” once they’ve trained with GGGA coaches.  Although there is great value in our week-long camps, players attending for multiple weeks are able to dig much deeper into their personal plan and gain better insight on how the individualized approach will help them progress towards their ultimate goals.   

Ready to see your personalized development plan and a vision for improving your game? GGGA Summer Camp provides campers with the foundation for achieving their goals in a fun atmosphere. Find out more about our available dates at and contact one of our program advisors to book your camp dates!