3 Characteristics of Successful Student Athletes

We connected with Dr Kasey Kesselring, Headmaster at Montverde Academy to ask him what he believes are the key characteristics of a successful student-athlete.  Although he was full of wonderful insight, here are his top 3:

Without work ethic, even students with an immense amount of talent may never come to realize their true potential.  To succeed a student must make that commitment and it takes a lot of time and energy.

The word discipline is derived from the Latin word “discipulus” which means “pupil”.  When you have self-discipline you are teaching yourself the habits it takes to be successful and 40% of our behaviour is derived from habits. A student-athlete that aspires to advance their education at the college level by leveraging their talents will need to have self-discipline.

The most endearing quality for a sustainable student-athlete is humility.  This is something that draws people to an athlete, and in general is one of the most attractive qualities an individual can have.

With a 100% college acceptance rate, Montverde Academy inspires students to become knowledgeable leaders with global vision, instils a passion for learning, and nurtures character development in a disciplined and diverse community. GGGA and Montverde Academy partner to provide students everything they need to succeed and be champions!