How Athletic Performance is Directly Related to Mindset

Making permanent positive changes will come from creating a new “in the moment” reality, whereby you will make decisions and react by design, not by default.

 When we think about an upcoming tournament or competition, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s at stake.  You might consider how important achieving the goal of winning is as far as changing the trajectory of your future, affecting eligibility for higher level events or even a college scholarship.  Unfortunately, targeting the outcome detracts from the energy and focus needed to be “in the moment” and actually play our best game.

Being present in your process and truly plugged into your play, tuning out any fears of loss or hopes of wins is one of the most important contributors to playing a champion game.

Specifically tuning in to negative behaviors such as poor planning, self-image or self-talk can create a tough environment to make the right decisions and guaranteed to detract from your athletic performance.   Over time the cumulative effect of a negative emotional state and self-talk will erode away at your confidence, reduce your ability to reset after a poor outcome and eventually take away the enjoyment of playing.

How to create a winning mindset. 

  1. Identify the critical negative habits, thoughts and actions that you wish to replace with positive ones.
  2. Allow your conscious mind to take control of your thoughts in order to redirect your actions in a positive and productive way.
  3. View challenges as opportunities to grow and criticism as fuel to elevate to the next level in your performance.
  4. Celebrate your growth and also your opportunities! You should always be having fun on the course.