GGGA Teams up with Kelly Tan for Clinic in Malaysia

Kelly Tan with excited Malaysian Junior Golfers on Feb. 23, 2018

LPGA pro and Malaysia’s number one women’s player, Kelly Tan, teamed up with GGGA to host a special clinic for Junior Golfers and their parents at the Monterez Golf Club, Selangor, Malaysia on February 23, 2018.  

Kelly Tan spoke extensively about her journey and the sacrifices she made to make it to the LPGA.  She spoke specifically about the change and willingness to embrace professional training that enabled her to reach the top of her game.  The students were very excited to interact with Kelly and from her about the kind of dedication and sacrifice it takes to make it to professional tour. 

Matt Bashaw, Director, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy was also on hand to talk about GGGA’s high-performance golf training programs.  He was available to talk to parents about attending GGGA and the different types of programs including full-time boarding school, summer training camps, academics, college planning and what it takes to earn an athletic golf scholarship to attend universities and colleges in USA.

Matt bashaw, GGGA Director, during Seminar in Myanmar on Junior golf training and opportunities in the USA

The next stop was in Myanmar. GGGA was invited by the Myanmar Golf Federation to host a seminar on junior golf training and educational opportunities in the USA.  The seminar took place on February 26 at The Yangon Golf Club, Myanmar and was attended by an enthusiastic group of parents and junior golfers. Currently, GGGA has two students enrolled in the full-time training program from Myanmar. Both students are on track to graduate and earn college scholarships at D1 universities in the USA.