Converting a Challenge to an Opportunity…

By Gary Wise, Mental Performance Coach, GGGA

The first step in “taking care” of any situation we are faced with on or off the course is to “do your best” to view it as an opportunity. Whether it be a challenging situation, or truly a reward for your hard work. Convert the situation to an opportunity to succeed by creating an “action” plan.

No matter how complex or simple a situation appears, creating a plan must start with a situational evaluation. From a recovery shot plan back to the fairway created as part of your pre-shot routine process. To a more complex tournament game plan that involves documenting, safe landing areas, green slopes and leave yardages, your game plan is the foundation for your success.

The key to the rehearsal phase of this process is your willingness to visualize and rehearse your action plan. The importance of the rehearsal phase of your pre-shot routine should have been understood and part of ALL GGGA students at this stage of your semesters progress. Practicing strategic shots and weaknesses identified in your previous tournament’s “post tournament reports” should now definitely be a priority…

The key component of the “action” phase of any plan must be trust. All the preparation processes are complete. You are now confident and your focus is on the target and the flow of the execution process.

The outcome of the “action phase” of a process is never guaranteed. The only thing you can control is your reaction to the outcome. Whether it is the outcome you were planning or otherwise, accepting the outcome MUST be your first response in your reflection phase.

If the outcome is not as you planned, again, no matter what the situation, now is the time to convert the situation to a learning moment and resetting your sights towards the next “challenge/opportunity”!

Make the most out of EVERY opportunity…

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