K-VEST BioDynamics + Bio Feedback

 Every athlete thrives on competition and finding ways to achieve their best possible game.  Here at GGGA, we use many techniques to measure an athlete’s performance and progress, recognizing that feedback is vital when it comes improvement.

In today’s world, technology brings us to new heights in not only gauging a player’s performance but also in communicating our findings.   By leveraging these new technologies, we are able to give students and parents a much clearer understanding of detailed statistics and information on performance.

The K-Vest is the world’s leading Human Motion Learning System and a technology we are proud to use. It is a wearable biofeedback system based on PGA Tour and LPGA Tour movement statistics. At GGGA, we use K-Vest on the golf range during technical training and in the gym during our strength and conditioning sessions. This allows coaches to give players instant feedback on their body motions and movements in addition to the following improvements:

  • More productive training sessions
  • Supports training adjustments recommended by trainers
  • Increased awareness of body motions

GGGA coaches ensure players leave practice with a great sense of achievement, reinforcing their spirit of competition.  These training programs enhanced with K-Vest help students establish and reach individual goals to evolve their drills and have more successful training sessions with the coaches. This high-tech integration has been extremely successful, proving results for players of all ages, including golf camp students as young as 6 years of age to the golf professionals on the tour coached by Gary Gilchrist himself.