Golf and the Physical Game

Fitness equipment

A well-rounded golfer will have more than just a proper technique. They also need physical fitness to perform at an optimal level. Just like any other sport, golf requires high levels of physical and mental performance from the athlete. That’s why two of the focuses in our Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy Full-Time Junior Program are physical fitness and mental performance. In Part One of this two-part blog series, we’ll talk about why fitness is an important pillar of being a golf champion.

Become a Better Athlete, Become a Better Golfer

Put simply, the more athletic an individual is, the better their golf game gets. Sure, the mechanics are crucial to being a great golfer, but being physically fit will allow you to perform better and increase your endurance on the links. By focusing on your fitness, you can reap various benefits, such as:


  • Swing control
  • More endurance during a match
  • Swing power and speed
  • Increase swing mobility
  • Decrease the chance of injury


These are all important facets of any golf game. By maintaining a high level of physical fitness, you’ll get all of these benefits and performing at peak levels will be that much easier.

How to Improve Your Fitness Level

Here at Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we’ve perfected our fitness regime using our proven methods. We put a heavy focus on building strength, speed, power, agility, and flexibility. Our drills are designed to maximize performance in each of these areas, thus maximizing your golf performance. It can be hard to train these areas on your own, so let Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy help. Of course, physical fitness is just one aspect of our Full-Time Junior Program. You’ll also build a strong academic foundation, receive technical training, increase mental performance, and much more.

Take Your Game to the Next Level at GGGA

If your junior golfer is looking for a way to bring their game to the next level, choose Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Our full-time, 9-month Junior Program gives junior golfers the tools they need to thrive at their current level and even at the collegiate and professional levels in the future. Give them the chance to be the best and reach new heights. Contact us today for more information or fill out an admissions form to get the ball rolling.

Make sure to check out Part Two of this blog series, where we talk about the importance of mental performance for golfers.