Gary Gilchrist On The Range With LPGA Professionals Ariya And Moriya Jutanugarn

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November 10, 2016

Professional Golfers and sisters Moriya and Ariya Jutanugarn visit Mission Inn Resort at the GGGA facilities to train with Gary Gilchrist to prepare for the CME Group Tour Championship
Pictured Above: Moriya Jutanugarn, Gary Gilchrist and Ariya Jutanugarn

When you think of a lesson with two Professional golfers and one of the best golf coaches in the world, maybe you’re picturing drill after drill in attempt to perfect a golf swing. You probably wouldn’t expect there to be a lot of laughs (or jokes aimed at the coach). However, the dynamic between Coach Gary Gilchrist and his golf Professional’s Ariya Jutanugarn and Moriya Jutanugarn is joyful and energizing to be around.

Ariya balances an intimidatingly powerful swing drive with her endearing attitude and enjoyment for the game of golf. “Were you expecting something serious?” Ariya asks as she sets up to crush a ball out of sight using her 3 Wood.  Ariya started training this year with Gary and has gone on to capture her first three wins and make history as the first golfer, male or female, from Thailand to win a major championship. “With Gary I know what I have to work on…It’s easy for me to use. It’s simple enough for me to take with me out on the course,” says Ariya, “Plus… Gary is so much fun.”

Pictured Above: Ariya Jutanugarn and Gary Gilchrist

Ariya is positioned in 1st place and Moriya is in 39th going into the LPGA’s CME Group Tour Championship beginning November 17, 2016 in Naples, Florida. The Championship is the season ending final tournament taking place at Tiburón Golf Club where players will compete to earn the sought after title “CME Globe Champion” and earn $1 million.  Many LPGA Professional Golfers have spent the last few months in Asia at tournaments held in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan. “I think the biggest thing this week is that the Professionals are worn out. If they can rest and go in mentally fresh, they can play as good as they want to play,” says Coach Gary Gilchrist, “Ariya and Moriya know the course. By knowing the course, they can go there with a lot of confidence. Yet, this is not the easiest course to score low on, but I think their short game is the key to the golf course and both of them have a solid short game. I’m excited for both of them.”

Coach Gary Gilchrist working with his Pros on their mental game.
Pictured Above: Ariya Jutanugarn, Gary Gilchrist and Moriya Jutanugarn

Moriya is relaxed and chipper during practice, turning to Gary for direction on not just her golf swing but managing her mental game. Moriya has been training with Gary over the past year and sees the greatest change in her overall approach, in addition to her improved scores. “When we struggle, we come to Gary. I need something that makes me more relaxed, not to think too much about it. I already think a lot,” says Moriya, “We come to Gary because we want to make a change, that’s the first thing. The second thing is, we’re looking for training that is simple… Gary is so helpful and he helps us make sure everything is in good shape.”

Gary Gilchrist and his team at Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy believe strongly in the science of achievement, which is the mechanics of training, combined with the art of fulfillment, which is the ability to enjoy the process and find appreciation in the journey. “It’s about taking what you have and playing great with it. It’s a fine line. To be a great golfer is two things: consistency, which builds confidence… along with trusting in the process and the plan,” says Coach Gary Gilchrist, “Winning comes from a belief in oneself and your ability, it’s not about being perfect.”

“Winning comes from a belief in oneself and your ability, it’s not about being perfect.”
Pictured above: Coach Gary Gilchrist

In a coaching career that spans more than 20 years, Gary Gilchrist has been responsible for recruiting, training and developing more professional, amateur and junior golfers than any other coach in the world.  His system of training applies to golfers of all ages and abilities. At the training facilities at Mission Inn Resort, he and his team incorporate a holistic training environment for juniors, amateurs and professionals through technical, mental, fitness and strategy training. In addition elite education is also provided  for juniors in the full time boarding program. Gilchrist has been recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 50 Teacher in America 2011-2016 and by Golf Magazine as a Top 100 Teacher 2012-2013.

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